“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.”

It’s extremely hard to ‘shed’ a part of yourself when large corporations continuously reinforce a distorted reality, or in some cases; ignore it. Capitalist economies, have put consumerism at the forefront of our identity.

Recently, I believe we have all slowly become more viciously engaged with consuming media which brands, through practices such as PR & Advertising, have encouraged our mounting purchases of commodities.

Public Relations, can be a true example of Simulacra; by understanding the ‘art of communication’ brands predict people’s response to images, consequently, manipulating these in order to make us believe what they want us to.Similarly, Advertising acts as a ‘Spectacle’, whereby, reinforcing certain messages through media, gradually changes our views and perceptions.

Apple is one of the many companies that benefited from tools such as PR; presenting us with an image of themselves that will satisfy us, customers. As a billion-dollar empire with a strong reputation these practices can arguably be the reason behind its success. 

PR has helped the brand divert attention from their ‘shady business’ :

Instead we see Apple as temptingly offering us exclusiveness and status; the majority of us not thinking twice on the brands questionable ethics when purchasing their products.


Policies and legalities can be applied when these businesses can be held accountable for their behaviours. Instead, we allow them to preach “that privacy is a fundamental human right,” when in reality, Apple grows increasingly data hungry; using our data for their own interests.Through PR & Advertising brands such as Apple have an opportunity to deceive consumers; creating enough media noise to drown out negative content. More importantly,   exposure to positive content, will only reinforce Apple’s positive image.

Not that long ago we looked at technology as an opportunity; a chance to communicate and make our lives easier.Today, through advertising brands like Apple have slowly led us to see these products, (which are no less than a commodity,) as a representation of our identity. Brand identity successfully enables them to convince us to purchase products equally as efficient as others in the market for a higher price point. Subsequently designing a society based on Cultivation Identity. 


Apple is a clear example of how society is rotten to the core, where through PR & Advertising tactics consumerism prevails as a strong definition of identity whilst values and morals are neglected, which in turn benefits these profit-driven brands.

 Somehow we have entered this vicious cycle of purchasing our insecurities away.

When individuality and substance are pushed aside by media , how are we meant to embrace our ‘true’ self?